Charlotte Mason Reflections

Originally published on the Sparrow Tree Square blog (now Articles) as Charlotte Mason Monday, this ongoing series features Sparrow Tree Square's editor Megan Friel's reflections on Charlotte Mason's book Home Education. Each reflection focuses on a different section of Mason's book, which is available in a free online text from Ambleside Online.

The updated Charlotte Mason Reflections will be coming soon, and the chapters below will become links as the revised articles are posted!

Why Charlotte Mason

Part 1
Some Preliminary Considerations
A Method of Education
The Child's Estate
Offending the Children
Despising the Children
Hindering the Children
Conditions of Healthy Brain Activity
The Reign of Law in Education

Part 2
A Growing Time
Flowers and Trees
Living Creatures
Field-Lore and Naturalists' Books
The Child Gets Knowledge by Means of His Senses
The Child Should Be Made Familiar with Natural Objects
Out-of-Door Geography
The Child and Mother Nature
Out-of-Door Games, Etc.
Red Indian Life
Walks in Bad Weather
The Children Require Country Air

Part 3
Education Based Upon Natural Law
Children Have No Self-Compelling Power
What is 'Nature'?
Habit May Supplant 'Nature'
The Laying Down of Lines of Habit
The Physiology of Habit
The Forming of a Habit
Infant Habits Physical Exercises

Part 4
The Habit of Attention